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Thursday, September 23, 2004

While I'm thinking about DotNetNuke (DNN)

This little article The SOA Cash-In Begins... reminded me of a project that I commissioned a study of at the day job a couple months ago to integrate DNN into our SOA architecture and CTS security requirements (web servers have to be firewalled and may not communicate directly with any database).

Project in a Nutshell: What would it take to make DNN n-tier using web services to abstract the data access? Since the security nerds will permit the web servers to talk to the application servers only on port 443 without all kinds of wacky code reviews and such to get custom remoting approved, it was the obvious choice.

Consultant's Answer: Several weeks of (re)work to essentially replace the guts of DNN (due to its use of DataReaders internally, instead of DataSets).

My Decision: I haven't had time to dig into the DNN code myself and evaluate the problem, so... We bypassed DNN and continue with the custom, homegrown n-tier solution and hope to find a better portal framework horse to ride later. (Which was sad, because I like 'Nuke. :) The likelihood of being permitted to put ASP.NET 2.0 in production until it's RTM is virtually zero. *pout*

I'm wondering if anybody else out there has wondered about the choice of DataReaders in the DNN core. Is there a solid .NET portal infrastructure out there that already has a web service tier?


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