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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Ask TheServerSide: What Skills Should a .NET Architect Possess?

This is a highly entertaining thread, with lots of good (and bad) insight on the subject.

Ask TheServerSide: What Skills Should a .NET Architect Possess?

As I am now looking to leave the .NET architect gig that I've held for about six years, it's a topic that interests me. I think it's interesting that the threads (up to the date that I read it) hadn't really gotten into service-oriented architecture at all. My question for the audience would be: Does the required skill set for a .NET architect change when SOA is called for, or is SOA expected to be a natural extension of all things .NET?

While we're on the subject of me, is anybody out there in the market for a 10-15 person agile development team (primarily C# and related .NET technologies, but will stoop to Java/J2EE for food - heh) in the vicinity of Houston, TX? My crew is already bonded well, got the storming out of the way years ago and loves working together; some team members have been working for me for as long as five years... It would be a shame that something as silly as a change in executive management to cause this well-tuned machine to be busted up. C'est la guerre.

Resumes available upon request.


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