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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Vault.com: What Were They Thinking?

Eileen shares some mildly entertaining vignettes about wacky people desperately seeking jobs:

Vault.com: What Were They Thinking?

On a related subject: Having the high expectations that I do for .NET jedi, I've been in the hiring mode for a while now just to fill a few positions. I've been using The Quiz (see earlier posts for details) in some form or another for about five or six years as a structured interview technique to make sure that applicants can write production-quality code before they waste anybody else's time. I'm not sure what the trend means, but within the past three months, I've had more people read over The Quiz and just walk out the door than I have ever had in the previous four or five years...

The funniest one recently was a fellow just the other day who spent over an hour writing some C# and TSQL code for The Quiz and then came into my office when I told him that time was up to tell me that, "If you are looking for Real Coders®, I'm probably not what you're looking for." I didn't know what to say, other than to thank him for coming in to waste an hour of my time... and introduce him to the Sarlacc. After several hours of therapeutic Godsmack, I think I was ready to laugh about it. Why would he think I wanted to hire Imaginary Coders®?


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