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Monday, June 20, 2005

[Belated] Happy Fathers' Day.

Since I was spending Fathers' Day with my male parental unit and my own nestlings, I was unable to properly blog yesterday. [Still looking for good Pocket PC blogware...]

However, in order to properly honor the occasion, I feel compelled to publicly thank my male parental unit for permitting me to live until reaching the species-appropriate age of majority and full adult maturity.

Thanx, Dad!!

Having many nestlings of my own now (three below the age-threshold of six!), I truly understand what an ordeal it must have been tolerating my very existence until my teen years passed into (merciful) oblivion.

Yes, some people put the apostrophe in a different place in the phrase "Fathers' Day." I don’t subscribe to those limited notions of punctuality. Get over it.

(Yes, I know that I used punctuality out of context and inappropriately in that sentence. I am a native 100kw speaker of American English. According to Chomsky et alia, if I say it, then ipso facto it must be correct. Deal with it. I happen to enjoy a little native speaker linguistic humor now and again. Ah, here come the people who are irritated because I insensitively referred to it as American English and not U.S. English... *draws lightsaber*)

Strike back!!


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