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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Cliché warning: Much ado about nothing?

Having just been sent this link - Column from PC Magazine: Mac-Intel Aftermath - and many others just like it, I feel compelled to provide my uninformed commentary (for posterity's sake). This is, after all, the Michael Jackson trial-equivalent this month for technogeeks.

<begin blatant Mac-ignorant statement>
The only reason that Apple can do this now on X86 without a big effort is because OSX is nothing more than a pretty face sitting on top of a Linux kernel... This really isn't Jobs v. Gates anymore, except in marketing of the Apple brand to the allegedly faithful Mac Believers.This is really Torvalds v. Gates, IMO.
</begin blatant Mac-ignorant statement>

I base my blatant, Mac-ignorant statement on a few casual interactions, a date or three, with an iMac running OSX10.3 at my last place of entertainment. The UI was eerily KDE-like, but with a much "happier" twist. Unsettling to say the least. Ones' icons should most definitely NOT jiggle in response to ANY activity. Obviously the UI of choice for Dead Authors like Douglas Adams and Wacky Talk Show Hosts like Rush Limbaugh (besides being masochists, see if you can figure out what else they have in common)...

But just in case you thought the world was getting back to normal, Darth Reed is actively considering the purchase of a Mac mini. For testink purposes only. Honest.

Strike back!!


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