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Friday, June 03, 2005

Jumping out of perfectly good aircraft...

Two generations of the Reed Clan have taken a flying leap together... Yes, we got Darth Grandpa out of the plane, and his first jump was legendary!! Probably the highest first-time pull and longest first-time glide time in history. Ha-ha!! He maintains that it was the jumpmasters' fault, of course.

Since it'll be a few years before my progeny are of sufficient age to join multi-generational insanity, anybody care to join us for a teensy little 15,000-foot first step? We get a bigger discount if we have more jumpers; and it never hurts to have more storm troopers to cushion my fall. Heh. Especially after my last encounter with a nasty Rebel pine tree... but that's a story for another day.

We took the Advanced Free-Fall (AFF) course first so that we could skip the gay tandem jump stage (no offense to my GLBT friends and family but none of we Reed Men felt like having another man strapped to our arse :) and get right into pulling our own ripcords.

The AFF course is about six or eight hours long, so Jump 00001 is usually mid-afternoon on the same day. That leaves plenty of time, because you can't do just one!! Wahooooo! Then it's a mere twenty-four (24) more jumps to achieving civilian jump certification and the much coveted $10-apiece solo jumps all weekend, every weekend.

The ultimate goal, of course, is the Space Jump. One small step... at a time... and all that. The Space Jump is my ultimate hobby dream. Before Darth Reed turns the big five-oh, he will do the high speed, unassisted descent from orbit. Yeehaw!!


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