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Monday, June 06, 2005

The Lighter Side of the Web

Hans Bjordhal asked a good question about whether web comics will crush print comics. Here's my rambling, but brilliant (of course!) response:

There are three that I read daily (sometimes I have to check the slacker of the three several times because he’s always late - somebody wake up Kurtz!). These three by far replace any newsprint “comic”. The Darth Reed clan doesn’t even get a daily dead tree news source anymore; we haven’t for more than six years… When the Washtington Times and the Journal start selling RSS feeds, I’ll buy those.

http://www.dilbert.com/ (obviously)


http://www.pvponline.com/ (usually late, try again later ;-)

I’ve bought more than my fair share of their paraphernalia (collection books, comic books, t-shirts, etc) for myself and as gifts. I think they’re a totally different niche from Peanuts, obviously, and far less irritating than Doonesbury and the rest of the whiners… [Cathy did have a funny strip once… It was about REALTORS®, which was what made it funny — but tomorrow’s my last day writing software for REALTORS®, so it won’t be funny for much longer, I hope.] As for me and my family, we’d love to see somebody with Rush Limbaugh’s wit and politics take to the web comic scene. Heh!

There are two others that I read whenever the author is sober enough and can find the Wacom tablet with both hands:

http://www.bugbash.net/ (off to a good start weekly)

http://www.dorktower.com/ (highly irregular posting schedule and somewhat niche — even I don’t play paper-n-pencil RPGs anymore)

Checking up on my favorite web comics is just part of the daily stress-relief routine. Just like everything else, they miss more often than they hit, but I am REALLY, REALLY glad that y’all take the time out of your lives to share your humor with us!!

Long live the Empire.


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