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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Now, if only I can remember this advice myself...

You wouldn't normally associate phrases like "exit gracefully" with yours truly, however... In the interests of universal peace, love and possibly not burning any bridges that may result in future monetary gain, I do not plan to comment upon the management, the business model or practices of the company before, after or during my exit interview (should I have one). Heh.

Yes, ladiez and gentz, it's time for Darth Reed to move on. I am leaving the Company Formerly Known As eRealty.com (aka Prudential Real Estate Services Company) after my sentence of five and a half years as Director of Product Development has been served. I am leaving for unspecified reasons and bound for unknown (but one certainly hopes greener) pastures. [This would be where I would normally say "because I just can't take it anymore" but I'm not saying that - honest!]. My last day will be Tuesday 07 June 2005... after which I will be a free man in pursuit of a place of entertainment which will permit me to leverage six years of real estate software development experience to produce the perfect real estate enterprise software package, soup to nuts, for a VOW/IDX/extranet solution which I will sell to the highest bidder.

If you or anyone you know is looking for the best agile development manager cum Sith Lord and/or .NET solutions architect that can be suborned by mere money then aim a checkbook in my direction. Especially if you or they are in the real estate space and in need of what eRealty.com could have been (should have been). Fabulous resume and impeccable references are available upon request.

But also take Christine's advice when you leave your current place of entertainment... in spite of your anger, your hatred and your desire for revenge! Your best revenge is that "they" still have to continue working in that awful place and you don't!! Ha-har!!! Read it: http://monster.typepad.com/monsterblog/2005/05/treat_your_exit.html

My empire will strike back.


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