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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Of course nerds make better lovers!

Not to say I told you so (to all of those ignorant sl--, nevermind, in high school and college who missed out on MY opportunity), but survey sez, "I told you so." Heh. Besides, this little piece in the NYT is simple validation. Today, Darth Reed is no longer unemployed! I'll try not to gloat. Heh.

New York Daily News - Home - Nerds make better lovers
It's nice to be in demand for once... I've gotten some great offers from some really great companies in the past few weeks, and I've wanted to take them all. There seems to be some legal AND space-time continuum reasons why 9 out of 10 dentists agree that I can't do work for all of these companies at the same time... hence I had to pick just one job. C'est la guerre. (I'll shower later; speaking French always makes me feel like I need to.)

Later this week, probably tomorrow, I will announce the company I selected from among the forerunners of the pack: Microsoft, PRERS (Phoenix), Avanade, Liquid Frameworks, etc. I may not say why, but I do have to say that I truly liked ALL of the companies that made me an offer -- and it was difficult to choose among them.

As much I as I have enjoyed the brief hiatus, it feels good to get back to hunting Jedi and preventing them from screwing up more .NET enterprise implementations!!

Strike back!


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