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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Things that make you say, "Hmmm..."

Having recently made this leap myself into the consulting world (again), I find myself in the unusual position of agreeing with the leftists @ CNN. Weird.

Comp sci grads turn away from tech
With U.S. jobs going away, consulting becomes popular
full article

Although, I have to admit that CNN made a good choice with Nancy Grace. Besides being cute, she can attract the ferocious soccer moms (and dads) who have been lured away to the "evil conservative side" since 9/11, especially with her "kill 'em all and don't bother sorting 'em out" attitude about sexual predators, but I digress...

I'm sure there are lots of folks in the tech space who have differing opinions... and plenty of angst to go around. I heartily recommend taking a proactive role in shaping the direction of your career, whether you're a geek or not. Make a plan. Make some decisions. Make some changes. Do it yourself or have it done to you!

Strike back!


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