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Monday, July 04, 2005

Greivous and I were just talking about this very thing.

It's long overdue. I was relatively happy with my Bluetooth devices, although the sound quality of the headsets from Scala and Jabra SUCK by comparison with wired devices, until I read that Darth Gates is looking for a few good cyborgs...

The fact that it's 2005 and I'm still using an analog keyboard/mouse-equivalent device is very sad indeed. Plug me in. Wire me up! Gates nurtures 'sub-derma' technology

I'd like my multi-band satellite phone embedded where my left ear-like thing used to be and I'd like a row of Pentium 4 10.0-GHz processors down my spine. A big flashing red LED on my forehead to let me know whether I'm on or not. Put the reset button in my right nostril. Plug in as much Flash RAM as you can fit wherever there's space. We might need a heat sink or three. Hrm. Put the fans in my second set of cheeks.

I imagine that we obese beings have a big advantage when it comes to cyborgization. If the sweat glands have to go, that's OK -- fewer annual showers would be a good thing. Make sure that the disposable batteries are flushable, please.

I'm ready for replacements for my repetitive stress injuries... We're about to find out what happens when humans live inside an artificial EM field 24/7/365. Heh.

Strike first!!


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