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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Chunk bigger, padawan.

I've gotten a lot of questions about web service design in the past six months or so, and almost always they have come from people who are still trying to use web services like a data access layer...


You can't just insert a web service call wherever you would have used a database call in the pre-SOA world. It just doesn't work that way because the penalties for marshalling and serialization are too high! You've got to design your web service interfaces to be more purpose-built and to return more data than a typical request for data.

My personal benchmark goal for an ASP.NET application has been no more than one web service call to handle each single client web request event. One for Page_Load, one for each event handler, but no more.

Chunk your web methods bigger, padawan, and your application performance will improve immensely.

(With apologies to Pollotta and Foglio for ripping off their timeless STOP THAT! cannon. If you haven't read Illegal Aliens, you must stop now, go buy it and read it immediately.)


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