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Monday, September 26, 2005

Ding-dong, Palm is dead?

Yes, Verizon has been getting bigger and faster. That's good, because it puts pressure on my current carrier (Not-Verizon Inc) to get their act together. (Buying Nextel doesn't matter to me, guys, unless it means faster data access! Hurry up!!) However, this little announcement from Bill's Company might be evidence that either Verizon is now powerful enough to raise the dead -- or Palm really is toast.

Windows Mobile 5.0 on a Palm Treo?!

I liked the Treo 600 that I had for a while, but I'm much happier with the Sprint PPC-6600 (aka the Audiovox 6600). The 6600 has its issues, but all things considered, I prefer the larger screen and slide-away keyboard (protects the keys!). I just hope the eventual upgrade to WM5 is painless...

Strike quickly!!


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