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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The infamous disclaimer

Being of unsound mind and slightly round body, I am, of course, belated in posting my obligatory blog disclaimer. Better late than fired, I always say. (I have borrowed heavily from Wlodarczyk's blog's disclaimer. Apologies in advance for my heavy usage of apostrophes and commas.)

I am currently an employee of Avanade® Inc. My blog is mine. Avanade® Inc. is a joint venture between Accenture® and Microsoft® Corporation. My blog is still mine®. Oops, 5-yard penalty for inappropriate use of ®. The opinions represented in this blog are mine as well and may not (and probably won't) represent my employer's opinions or the opinions of my employer's owners. I have not been brainwashed by anyone to write praises about Avanade® Inc., Accenture®, Accenture® services, Microsoft® Corporation or Microsoft® Corporation technologies, I'm just writing about the technology, science fiction and other random things that I love, especially my kids. OK, well, maybe I won't blog about my kids, but you've been warned, just in case I do! All of my posts will include information that is public knowledge, so don't look to me to get internal information about any future Avanade® Inc. initiative, Accenture® strategy or Microsoft® Corporation product. My blog is still mine. And there may be other blogs elsewhere with my name on them.

Now back to your regularly scheduled random excrement.


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