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Monday, September 26, 2005

Link: How to Doom your IT operations in 3 easy steps

Hrm. It seems that incompetent Jedi continue to get promoted into positions of authority everywhere. A truly sad day because I wish that my last place of entertainment was the only place that this rant could've been written of:

Eric Wise : How to Doom your IT operations in 3 easy steps

Eric is definitely an honorary Sith! He did the smart thing and vacated the premises instead of staying to fight the inevitable tide of humanity and Jedi, probably for the same reason that I did -- They wouldn't make him Emperor! Anyone who advocates a single, unified vision, that all should subvert their own egos and career goals for "the good of the Company" and who demands that everyone march in lock step with "the Department's best interest" is well on his way toward the Dark Side. Welcome, Eric! You're definitely executive material!!

My favorite quote is:

Oftentimes the users see IT as an invisible pod full of trolls who want to make their lives miserable. Getting your IT staff out and visible helps put forth the human side of things.

Eric, you're a genius! Getting those IT trolls out in the sunlight also serves to help reduce the troll overpopulation problem!! Huzzah!!!

Strike hard!


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