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Friday, October 14, 2005

64-bit bitching: What's the point?

Everywhere you read about Windows Server 2003 64-bit editions (either x64 or IA), the big warning is "You're going to have problems with drivers!" and "Beware the missing 64-bit drivers!!" And, yes, I can confirm that drivers are a problem; however it's not the biggest problem, dammit!!!

Out of the box, the x64 version doesn't have the .NET Framework installed!! Windows Update doesn't deliver the 1.1 Framework to it even as an option, either. Then, the quote-unquote 64-bit version of SP1 won't install on the x64 version (it's not clear which 64-bit version is supported, but I must assume it's only IA), leaving one to install the 32-bit version of SP1 on your 64-bit machine. Most of the post-SP1 hotfixes will not install on the x64 version... and the list goes on. But those are just the minor nits that I have to pick.

The biggest problem is that Microsoft in its infinite wisdom did NOT build the 64-bit versions identically to the 32-bit versions - for obvious reasons, but one could certainly HOPE for a bit better thought out backwards compatibility!!! Geez, you can't even install standard Windows Server System products on it that aren't specifically 64-bit... It's almost as if M$ doesn't care if you can only use 64-bit hardware for SQL Server 2000! After fighting with SharePoint Portal Server (which refuses to install on the x64 version), I had no choice but to revert to the 32-bit version and accept the memory management problems that is has with more than 3GB of RAM. *big pout*


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