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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Can you Hummer-size that, please?

In order to get over the "gas is cheaper" hump (even at $3US a gallon), you've got to have some serious coolness factor. I'm personally in favor of nuclear-powered cars, but I'll settle for a fuel cell... if it comes in a Hummer-sized package. I simply can't fit all the wife and kidlets (with car safety seats) in a teensy little four-door, and the wife won't ride on the bumper for some reason...

Never-the-less, Honda's got a pretty cool concept car in the works: Green Car Congress: Hondas More Powerful Fuel Cell Concept with Home Hydrogen Refueling. Even the greenies can't complain about a Hummer-sized vehicle if it doesn't run on oil, right?

Strike more!


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