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Monday, November 21, 2005

Show me the code.

Interview techniques vary widely. The Database Mole seems to think that you can pull the truth out of candidates without the use of tongs and red hot pokers. Silly mole.

I'm wondering why he thinks it's "monstrous" to confont someone who is applying for a job with an examination. With or without warning. A real hands-on "quiz" using the tools that they will be using on the job under time pressure and ambiguity pressure is the only way to see if they can do what they say they can do!! If they want the job badly enough, they'll perform.

The Quiz is not just a measure of skill but a measure of commitment to changing jobs!! Too many losers have wasted my valuable time in the past because they were bored, mad at the boss or just curious if they could make more money somewhere else. If you're not willing to invest an hour or so to "show me the code" in order to win a place on the team, then you're not committed to changing jobs.

I described The Quiz in a previous post. I highly recommend it. YMMV.

Strike now!


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