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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Battlefront: You might be a good candidate for sith lord if...

You might be a good candidate for sith lord:

  1. If you've ever been killed by the last wookie in the room... while you were reloading...

  2. If you think it sucks that killing jawas is considered "friendly fire."

  3. If you've ever gotten completely lost in Jabba's palace...

  4. If you've ever killed another player by "running him over" with a starfighter... just because you could.

  5. If you've learned that it's more dangerous to run while looking through a sniper scope than it is to run with scissors.

  6. If you've racked up more ewok kills inside an assault walker without firing your weapons than by firing them. Field goal!

  7. If you don't mind being turned into a droid just so long as it means that you get to kill gungans.

  8. If you know how many seconds of free fall you can get before you die after jumping (or falling, see #5) from Cloud City on Bespin.

  9. If you ever gone on a killing spree of just Gamorian guards while ignoring the real rebel enemy. (See #3.)

  10. If you believe the rebel scum are no better than those damn Tusken raiders. Kill 'em all and let the midichlorians sort 'em out.

You might be addicted to Battlefront if you go back and read the list again adding "More than once." at the end of each item and find that they're all still true. Heh.

Strike back!


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