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Friday, December 02, 2005

BizTalk 2004 + .NET 2.0 not always happy together :: In case you were wondering...

Under certain circumstances, BizTalk 2004 cannot run side-by-side with .NET 2.0. Big :-( It seems to work fine on a single processor machine, but on a multiprocessor Windows 2003 Server, something ugly breaks in the threading model and any orchestration that tries to enlist an MSDTC transaction fails. There's an XLANG synchronization failure that kills the BizTalk process and forces it to restart every 60 seconds. Boo! Removing .NET 2.0 from the box cures it. If I find time later, I'll pump in more documentation of the failure.

Very big ;-(

Too bad Blogger doesn't automatically insert the right smileys. Maybe I need a new blog?

Strike out!!


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