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Now that I have a place to put my quasi-technical babble over at MSDN, the space is reserved for me to spew my political bile and enjoy all things sci-fi. Heh.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The dangers of Rhapsody

OK, some things are just completely freaking wrong... This is the danger of having Rhapsody, folks. You wind up listening to all Star Wars Episode 1 to the tune of “American Pie” compressed into 5.5 minutes (among other things)... and that’s just the first song.

I am now afraid that I’m going to wake up screaming at 4am humming “Oh, my, my this here Anakin guy. Maybe Vader some day later, now he’s just a small fry. Now he left his home and kissed his mommy good-bye. Soon I’m going to be a Jedi.” Ahhh, it burnz...

You're missing something in your life if you haven't listened to Running With Scissors.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Does anybody know where this cretin lives?

Tim over at Control-Alt-Delete posted a link to this video; I must've missed Hannity & Colmes that day...

Michael Crook takes a pounding on Fox News

It's unbelievable that people with such limited intellect as Crook can still breathe without mechanical assistance. Even Alan Colmes had to punch him (verbally) a couple times. It's difficult to believe that this wasn't a Fox setup to make some news hay... If I hadn't actually met people like Crook while I was in college.

I think that it would not be a tragedy if a few American citizens who value the sacrifice the troops are making on our behalf visited Mr. Crook and "enlightened" him about the value of military training.

Strike first!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

They're here!!! Das Keyboard and PistolMouse.

My Das Keyboard and PistolMouse FPS arrived today. Muy cool. The keyboard feels right and the key travel is very nice. Now I don't have to worry about what the scroll lock is for anymore! (Because it's not labeled, I can ignore it now. Heh.)

I'm a little disappointed in the PistolMouse (unrealistic and unmet expectations -- not anything wrong with the mouse), but I'm going to keep it. The trigger pull is good -- although the satisfying recoil of my Glock 17s is notably absent. The right mouse button-equivalent is hard to get used to, but OK. I was expecting something that looked like a 1911-style Government Model, but I'll get over it. The mouse travel is smooth and the thumb wheel is perfect.

I can't wait to paste the walls with Jedi guts!!

Shoot first!

ASP.NET Control Lifecycle

I haven't posted an technically geeky .NET stuff lately, but since this came up in conversation today (yet another person having trouble with dynamically added dropdownlists to SharePoint web parts), so it thought I’d share.

ASP.NET Control Lifecycle

Strong Warning: If you add your controls dynamically in the wrong phase, you're going to have problems. Especially in SharePoint web parts!!

Be sure that you really understand this lifecycle before you start ranting and raving about web controls being too hard, and viewstate sucks and all that. Don't be a lamer. Web controls work. Web controls rock. You just need to get a clue. (And stop coding in VB.NET, dork!)

Strike last!

Monday, July 04, 2005

Greivous and I were just talking about this very thing.

It's long overdue. I was relatively happy with my Bluetooth devices, although the sound quality of the headsets from Scala and Jabra SUCK by comparison with wired devices, until I read that Darth Gates is looking for a few good cyborgs...

The fact that it's 2005 and I'm still using an analog keyboard/mouse-equivalent device is very sad indeed. Plug me in. Wire me up! Gates nurtures 'sub-derma' technology

I'd like my multi-band satellite phone embedded where my left ear-like thing used to be and I'd like a row of Pentium 4 10.0-GHz processors down my spine. A big flashing red LED on my forehead to let me know whether I'm on or not. Put the reset button in my right nostril. Plug in as much Flash RAM as you can fit wherever there's space. We might need a heat sink or three. Hrm. Put the fans in my second set of cheeks.

I imagine that we obese beings have a big advantage when it comes to cyborgization. If the sweat glands have to go, that's OK -- fewer annual showers would be a good thing. Make sure that the disposable batteries are flushable, please.

I'm ready for replacements for my repetitive stress injuries... We're about to find out what happens when humans live inside an artificial EM field 24/7/365. Heh.

Strike first!!