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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Least-Privilege Development (and why SD must be SEs, too)

Just a reminder to everyone (especially me) as you adopt virtualization and least-privilege development to improve your methods, your software quality and your profitability... DON'T FORGET TO LOG INTO THE DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT AS AN ADMINISTRATOR ONCE IN A WHILE! Automatic Updates are a great thing, but if you live as a non-administrator most all of your working life (and you damn well should!), you'll never get alerted that those updates are available. Heh.

You need to treat your development image (VPC or VMware) as a real development server and practice your SE (systems engineer) skills to maintain it like a real development server. A real SD (software developer) should be an SE plus a computer scientist, AI psychologist and digital therapist. If you can't do what an SE does every day with your eyes closed in addition to the rest of your work, how can you expect to develop top-flight software or help the runtime SE team figure out what went wrong?

Strike first. Strike hard. No mercy, sir! - Cobra Kai Creed


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