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Monday, February 20, 2006

Infamous disclaimer [revised]

Being of unsound mind and slightly round body, I am, of course, belated in posting my obligatory blog disclaimer. Better late than fired, I always say. I have borrowed heavily from Wlodarczyk's blog's disclaimer. My apologies in advance for my heavy usage of apostrophes and commas. No humor contained herein should be construed to mitigate or reduce the seriousness of the subject matter.

I am currently an employee of Microsoft® Corporation. My blog is still mine®. Oops, 5-yard penalty for inappropriate use of ®. The opinions represented in this blog are mine as well and may not (and probably won't) represent my employer's opinions or the opinions of my employer's shareholders. I have not been brainwashed by anyone to write praises about Microsoft® Corporation, Microsoft® partners or Microsoft® Corporation technologies, I'm just writing about consulting in general, the technology (occasionally with specifics), science fiction and other random things that I love, especially my kids. OK, well, maybe I won't blog about my kids, but you've been warned, just in case I do! All of my posts will include information that is public knowledge, so don't look to me to get internal information about any future Microsoft® Corporation initiative or Microsoft® Corporation product. My blog is still mine, just like my Irish lineage. There may be other blogs elsewhere with my name on them. Ya' hae be'n warn'd.

Now back to your regularly scheduled random information.


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