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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Until we can nuke telemarketers...

OK, now that’s funny. Bob & Tom have come up with a whole new way to deal with telemarketers. Until I finish work on my gigawatt telemarketer elimination device (which will attach to any standard telephone and run on standard 110v current), this might be the most fun we can have with telemarketers!

Strike now!

They said it would never happen... They lied.

Firearms registration will never lead to firearms confiscation, they said. Despite a thousand years of recorded human history, from Japan in the Middle Ages to modern day South America, many people continue to believe the lie. The gun-haters and gun-banners continue to spew their pap and their bile and ignorant voters continue to consume it. It has to stop before we find ourselves in an American Sudan or an American Rwanda. Guns equal freedom for the armed citizenry. It ain’t about duck huntin’.

Without cause, without justification, the backwoods Louisiana police in and around New Orleans confiscated firearms from law-abiding citizens who had registered them according to the law, without a court order, without a warrant... over a YEAR ago. Those firearms have never been return to those free citizens. They committed no offense. They stand accused of no crime. Yet Ray Nagin and his police goons refuse to return the property to their rightful owners. Give them back!

The election season is upon us, and if you can afford the same kind of armed guards that Rosie O’Donnell and Ted Kennedy hire, then by all means vote for the jackass party or stay home and sit out the political process that our forefathers and grandfathers died to protect. But if you’re like me and you’ve got a family to protect, do the right thing, march down to the polling place and pull the big R lever. You can be mad as hell at the party or the individual members, but the stakes are too high to cede control of the government to the enemy. The last time they were in control, innocent people were slaughtered at Waco and Ruby Ridge... on American soil.

Strike down gun control!