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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Griffins may become an endangered species.

Although the Houston Comical author tried to spin this sideways, NASA chief doubts urgency of global warming (Chron.com), I'm cheering for Michael Griffin. If I get elected next year, I'll do my best to see that he keeps his yob!

In unrelated news, I find it fascinating that cosmologists who study the destruction of entire galaxies due to "natural processes" cannot maintain sufficient scientific detachment to consider that we humans couldn't produce enough energy tomorrow to reverse a truly global trend if we wanted to...

If the ecoterrorists promise to stay on the coast, I humbly suggest that we all pitch in a melt a few more ice caps, eh? If Algore is right, another couple degrees will mean that Fort Reed will soon be ocean front property! w00t!!

Strike back!


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