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Sunday, June 17, 2007

It's good to be the... Overlord.

I love Shadowrun, even though I never played the RPG aeons ago when people still used pen and pencil for that sort of thing. It's Counter Strike with magic, which is cool (too many action games don't give you 'bots to practice against -- 'bot games should be MANDATORY, and when I am evil overlord, they will be!), but I'm not sure that Shadowrun rates a blog post yet.

Overlord, on the hand, does rate that highly!! And I've only played the demo. CodeMasters are a new, special brand of evil coders. What more evil could you imagine than to give players an over-the-shoulder, shooter-style view of the action and only one button (not stick, button!) to control the camera! Now that's eeevil. Now add a fireball spell to the mix to enhance the frustration with aiming! Fortunately, I have self-sacrificial minions to send into the fray to distract mine enemies while I struggle with the small details, like aiming...

There are apparently bombs involved in the game, I just didn't get to see any in the demo. Minions with pumpkin helmets is too much fun to start with, not to mention that they will slavishly die for my own small benefit. Thulsa Doom and Sauron got nothin' on me!! I salivate with anticipation over what assassin minions might be capable of...

I've been wishing that somebody would bring Lemmings-style play to the Xbox 360, and this is probably as close as I'll get this year, so I'll be pre-ordering Overload today.

Strike now!


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